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6 Secrets to Healthy, Vibrant Hair All Winter Long

6 Secrets to Healthy, Vibrant Hair All Winter Long


The cold and dry weather can give us a lot of problems and struggles. From the chapped skin, dry hands, lips to a frizzy, brittle and dry hair. It’s quite a bit annoying to feel our hair stuck to each other and our scalps will start to be itchy and flaky. Even if you think that your hair is easy to maintain, it’s a different story during the winter.

Thankfully, there are some simple things you can do!

Use Hair Dryer in Cool Setting

Before you go outside, it’s essential to know that you should dry your hair correctly. Damp hair, when exposed, can become more prone to breakage and result in flyaway hairs and split ends. This can get worse if you will not properly maintain them. However, using a hairdryer and blasting the hot air from it is not also a good idea.

The best thing you can do is take time and squeeze the excess water out of your hair. Use this on the cool setting and gently dry it.

Find the Right Conditioner

When the air is dry, our hair is a high risk of damage. As such, it’s ideal for changing the conditioner we are using. You need to develop a conditioning routine that allows you to combat breakage easily and split ends. Some may use the conditioner every shower while others would have the serum in their hair overnight to nourish the scalp.

Invest in a Humidifier

Aside from your hair, you’ll also notice that your hands and lips can get easily chapped or you may tend to cough more. We always think that it is the outdoor weather condition, but the truth is the indoor air is as dry as outside. With the help of a humidifier, it’s easier for you to add moisture to the air. You can browse and find your trusted humidifier when you browse on our collection at

Use Heat Protectant Spray

If you love using flat or curling iron, or you usually blow dry before leaving the house, then a heat protectant spray is always necessary. It helps to prevent heat-induced damage on your hair and maintain its natural health.

Don’t Over-wash Your Hair.

When the air is dry, you’ll feel like you need to shower a lot. However, this can result in the hair to become more dry, flaky, and itchy. Make sure to wash them every other day and focus on using a trusted hairbrush to avoid more problems.

Don’t Stay in Cold for a Long Time.

Finally, it’s imperative to avoid staying outside when the weather is not good. You don’t want to suffer from any more problems that the cold weather and dry air can bring to you and your family.