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Do you live in cold and dry weather? The weather you live in has a great effect on your hair and skin. You feel that your hair is getting rough and dry day by day. You might also experience a lot of hair fall issues in this dry weather. Your hair becomes so static that you are not able to even brush them properly. All the tangles strands of your hair damage them and they make you feel so irritated. It even hurts at times when you simply just brush your hair. This is all because of the static hair you have in this dry weather.

Therefore we will discuss some important tips for you to get rid of the static hair once and for all. We will make it easy for you and you will be able to make your favourite hairstyles. Following are some tips below:

Ways To Get Rid Of Static Hair:

You must be searching for some basic hacks to get rid of your static hair forever. We are here with some amazing tips for you to apply to your hair.

  1. Use dryer sheets on your hair:

This is the most effective method to get rid of the static in your hair. You can rub the dryer sheets on your hair strands and you can even use these dryer sheets on your comb or hairbrush to remove the static. This will help to eliminate the pesky flyaways. You can even keep your hairbrush wrapped in the dryer sheets.

  1. Apply hand lotion on your hair:

This is for sure an amazing hack. You can use a little bit of hand lotion on your hair to settle down the static. Just take a dollop in your hand and apply it on the strands. This will remove the static. Use this tip to remove static in just one pinch.

  1. Apply Moroccan oil in your hair:

Moroccan oil help to reduce frizz from hair and plays a great role in removing static. This is the perfect essential oil for your hair. Make sure you apply it weekly in your hair to make them soft, fluffy and static-free.

  1. Keep a Humidifier in your room:

You must be living in dry and cold weather and that is why you get annoyed when you experience either cracks on your skin or static in your hair. You can simply maintain a humid temperature in your environment by keeping a humidifier which will release warm mist in the air. This mist will ensure a warm and humid temperature.

  1. Metal and rubber hairbrush and comb.

Plastic combs produce more static when used in hair. Therefore use metal and rubber combs to remove static from hair.

  1. Silicon-based conditioner:

The silicone conditioner neutralizes electrons from every strand of hair.

  1. Use Iconic Hairdryers:

This is a special type of hair dryer that neutralizes the electric charges and reduces static. This hair dryer takes less time to dry hair and is the perfect fit to buy for this weather.