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How to Humidify a Room Effectively?

How to Humidify a Room Effectively?

Keeping your house humid is important to avoid itchy eyes, scratchy throat, bloody noses, chapped lips, and dry skin. During the hot season, the air is humid and the air conditioning might help to keep things cool. However, as the winter starts and intensifies, the air gets drier and colder, making it more difficult to keep your home humid.

Depending on the size of your room, buying a humidifier can greatly help to add moisture to the air. It alleviates the symptoms associated to dry air and give you peace of mind on the overall humidity level you can have. Nevertheless, there are also some ways you can consider to improve the humidity of your room effectively.

Hang Your Clothes Dry in Your Room

When you are drying your clothes, the moisture in it is slowly evaporating. You can take advantage of this and let them dry inside your room. It may be ideal to have it overnight, so you can sleep properly and have dry clothes in the morning.

Place Bowl of Water Near Heat Source

Placing a bowl of water in the centre of your room can help to keep it humid, especially if it is near a heat source. It can be an ideal choice if you have air conditioning. The heat increases the rate of evaporation and keeps your room more humid.

Leave the Door Open When Showering

It’s recommended to let the steam escape from your bathroom while you are showering. Leave the door open and add up moisture in the room. On the other hand, if you are someone who prefers to soak in a bathtub, you may also want to let the water cool to the room before you drain them.

Get Some Houseplants

Houseplants are great in adding humidity in your home. It can continuously release moisture through its leaves and stems. This process is referred to as transpiration. Keep a few of trusted houseplants inside your room and make sure to have them watered for best results. For more background on the power of indoor plants – click here.

As those tricks can also add moisture in your room and proven to be effective, humidifiers can still be a great investment. It’s a simple device that let you save a lot of time and hard work in humidifying your room. You can purchase one that best suits your needs and style from our collection –