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Keep your skin hydrate from the inside this winter

Keep your skin hydrate from the inside this winter

Is that time of the year again; drop in humidity, drier weather and colder night mean winter is coming. Aside from the itchy and dry skin that air conditioning in our workplace can cause, our skin is constantly exposed to dynamic and harsh environments associate by winter.

We know there are things we could do from the outside-in to prevent skin moisture loss in winter, such as keeping showers shorter, apply on a decent amount of rich cream and run a household humidifier. But did you know, you can also improve your skin’s natural moisture-lock system by keeping it healthy and well-nourished from the inside-out?

Here are a few tips for getting your skin to glow from the inside out this winter!

  1. Drink more water

Not surprisingly, drinking water can help you stay hydrated but most of us are not getting enough of it into your body. One way to make sure you’re getting enough water per day - 13 cups for men and 9 cups for women – is to have 2 one litre bottle of water in the fridge to sip it throughout the day. If drinking water is too cold for you during this time around, try a hot herbal tea instead to keep your skin hydrated and well-nourished.

  1. Keep your Vitamin C up

The best way to truly get your skin to glow from the inside out is to start eating a variety of superfood and consuming a different kind of superfluid. Vitamin C is a powerful superfood and antioxidant. It is the key to giving you healthy, radiant skin and also maintain a strong immune system.

Thankfully, keeping Vitamin C up in your body can be really easy. Consuming fruit and vegetable such as orange, blueberries, papaya, strawberries, kiwi and even sweet potatoes is a sure-fire way to encourage a healthy glow in from your skin. Another good source of vitamin C is Coconut water. Coconut water has intense hydrating properties as well as potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

  1. Get more Omega-3 into your diet

Omega-3 and omega-6 are the 2 types of fats that increase our skin’s effectiveness as a barrier, help lock water in our body rather than letting it evaporate into the dry air. These essential fats are the building blocks for healthy skin cell in general because they form a protective shield and reinforces the skin’s barrier.

The best source for Omega-3 is fish, therefore, eating at least 2 seafood meals per week will likely cover you. You can also get omega-3 fat from plant food such as walnut, chia seed, hemp seed and avocado.

  1. Eat more produce containing Beta-carotene

Besides Vitamin C, eating Beta-carotene food is another way to gain healthy skin. Beta-carotene imparts a yellow-orange colour to food so think of sweet potatoes, squash, carrots and mangos. The human body converts beta carotene into vitamin A and vitamin A is an essential nutrient for healthy skin and mucous membranes, our immune system, and good eye health and vision.