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Managing Eczema with a Trusted Humidifier

Managing Eczema with a Trusted Humidifier

Do you have eczema or know someone that has? Unfortunately, people who are suffering from eczema will know how difficult it can be to manage it when it starts to flare up. It also doesn't help that during the winter season, eczema may make your skin feel even worse because of the dry air. The topical creams are a good solution but if the air around you is too dry, it may be worthwhile to invest in a humidifier. 

A humidifier can make a big difference because it will add moisture to the air in your home and your office.  That’s why having a trusted humidifier is a great investment to make. It gives a better feel on your skin and can relieve your nasal passages. 

What You Can Do?

When you are using a humidifier to manage eczema, make sure to first pay attention to the moisture levels of the room. The ideal level of moisture should go to between 30 to 50 percent. Higher humidity level than that can be a great risk to mold and dust mites. To effectively use a humidifier, have it at night as that’s the time you’ll be more exposed to it.

  • Know the different types of humidifier. There are different types available such as the warm mist and cool mist. Decide on which of it can be more convenient depending on the location where you’d like to put it in.
  • Find a humidifier to fit in your room. Whether it is for your room or the living room, make sure that the humidifier is big enough to add moisture to the room. There are humidifiers that are good enough to fit on the tabletop or office tables, which you can bring with you.
  • Understanding the cleaning process. Using a humidifier can be convenient, but you should know the cleaning process. It is imperative to keep your humidifier clean that prevent other health issues.

In the end, a humidifier is one tool that can help your eczema by adding moisture and comfort to your dry skin. However, you should always consult your doctor for the better treatment of eczema.