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Meditating With Essential Oils

Meditating With Essential Oils

In this 21st century, we all are always so busy with all the things on our plates. We have jobs, kids to look after, and so many daily errands that we start neglecting ourselves. We get so caught up in our routines that we become our own last priority. We stop taking care of ourselves, both mentally and physically. The one thing that can help us calm our minds and relax our soul is Meditation. By taking out time out from our busy routines and investing time in meditation, we will feel a life-changing difference in our hectic lives. With all these distractions around, we need to have a strong and calm mind to deal with everything life throws at us and for achieving that, we need meditation.

Using essential oils in meditation is the best way to calm your mind and have some peace within. Studies have shown that out of our 5 senses, the smell has a relatively larger impact on our brains. A good fragrance can help shift our mood from bad to better in a few seconds. Not only this, but essential oils are also one major way of reducing hypertension and depression.

These oils have bioactive composites which help the potential of treating depressive conditions. Essential oils can be used in two ways. Number one method is to inhale the essential oils through aromatherapy. Aromatherapy breathing is when the essential oil is diffused into the air by using an essential oil diffuser. These diffusers help create a relaxing environment. The second method is to apply essential oils directly. Here in aromatherapy, along with a diffuser, a humidifier is also used to help tackle dryness in any part of the body.


Following are the major types of essential oils used in therapy for dealing with fatigue, insomnia and any depressive conditions.


Sandalwood is one of the best essential oils to be used in therapies. It helps clear out our minds. It helps us relax and create peace within ourselves so that we can focus and not get distracted by the voices inside our heads.


Lavender is famous for its calming properties. Lavender oil therapy helps in dealing with anxiety and depression. If you feel restless and you seek calmness, then this is just the oil for you.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is widely used and has been used since ancient times. This oil helps in removing negativity. It cleanses the environment of any negativity that might ruin your mood.

Furthermore, Frankincense, Neroli, Rose, Harmony and many other such essential oils can be used to clear your head and help you refocus.


Meditation with essential oils helps in dealing with:

  • Anger issues
  • Resentment
  • Helps you refocus
  • Clears out mind
  • Helps deal with insomnia
  • Has the potential of dealing with depression
  • Improves digestion and breathing
  • Can treat Asthma
  • Menstrual and menopause
  • Fatigue and hypertension

Recommendations for Meditation

I use a lot of things to maximize my meditation experience. There is a lot of material out there that can help you with your meditation. Books like 10% Happier by Dan Harris and What Is Zen by Alan Watts are great for improving your meditation experience. There is a YouTube channel by the name of The Honest Guys- Meditations- Relaxation that has some amazing content on meditation. In addition to that, there are many different meditation apps in the market like Headspace, Insight Timer and YogaGlo, Inc. These apps offer a very convenient way to meditate and calm your nerves.