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Mist Humidifier: A Quick Guide for Beginners

Mist Humidifier: A Quick Guide for Beginners

The first time you think about getting a humidifier, you’ll be bombarded of different styles and kinds of it to choose from. It can be tricky for most of the beginners, but we can give you the things to know, especially when it comes to using a mist humidifier. Mist humidifier is available in warm and cold option. Most people would prefer to have a warm mist humidifier as it is more beneficial to people with breathing problems.

However, it may vary from one person to another. If you manage to breathe properly when you are in a sauna, then warm mist is a great choice, but if it is difficult, then you can look for a cold mist humidifier. To differentiate them simply, a cold mist humidifier uses cold water and warm mist humidifiers work by boiling the water and producing steam. Each of it may come with different benefits like the following:

  • Wooden furniture and musical instruments in the house may need a cool-mist humidifier to prevent the cracking of the finishes and wood. To properly maintain the humidity, you can get one with a built-in humidistat that can help you.
  • The warm mist humidifiers may usually work like a kettle. It boils down the water and maybe costly to run compared to the cold mist humidifier.

Is It Safe for Kids?

Using a humidifier for the protection of your kids against different breathing problems is a good investment. It adds the right level of moisture that your kid needs and prevent them from getting common colds and flu. A mist humidifier is perfectly safe, but if you have babies around, make sure that you’ll keep it away from them, especially the warm mist humidifier.

As warm mist humidifier uses hot or boiling water, babies may trip on it and be curious on the smoke coming out. It’s important to place it far and on places that they won’t be able to reach.

Final Thoughts

In the end, compared to other kinds of humidifier, the mist humidifier provides better comfort and more trusted in giving relaxation to the users. Many would also feel great because of the mist coming out of it. If you are looking for the best mist humidifier and would not know where to start, then you can send us a message or check our collection at