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People love air-cons

People love air-cons

People love air-cons. We know one of the great things in life is to step into an air-con chilled space after a long and hot summer day. It’s like an uncomfortable wet blanket being lifted from our shoulders. What a gratifying feeling!

Unfortunately, air-con in most place will never stop pumping even when summertime has well past its due date. Office buildings especially depend on the use of air con to keep the inside temperature at a comfortable and workable level. Fair enough, tall buildings like these protruding high up into the sky are exposed to the harsh sun all day, creating a greenhouse effect inside.

The use of air-con in offices has sparkled many augments whether is necessary or not. The daily dependence of air-con in our office has often left us shivering and battling dry skin and breakout. But whether we should use less or more on air-con in office, we can do a few things from our end to reduce the effect on dry skin.

Drink water

Stay hydrated by drinking more water is a good habit to have when you are cooped up in your office all day. But some of us, just simply forget to drink water. A nice way to remember is to set a regular reminder on your phone to prompt you to do so. Another way is to download the app ‘Drink Water Reminder’ to track and remind you along your way

In addition to that, try drinking juice to keep it interesting and healthy as well as your skin hydrated from the inside-out.

Use moisturiser

Moisturise your skin can provide a temporary shield for those dry skin created by air-con. You could also keep a facial mist or facial oil in your desk so you can spray your face to keep dryness at bay. However, make you’re the moisturiser and facial oil are one that is easily absorbed and does not make your skin look too oily.

Take a break from air-con spaces

Taking a break from air-con space and moving outside from short period time can help dramatically improve your performance of your skin. Your skin is quite adaptive, it will change according to the environment you are in therefore so much of the effects can be reversed by taking a walk outside, away from the air-con filled space.

Love your humidifier

Use a humidifier when using the air con for prolonged periods of time. A humidifier is a great hack to add moisture back into the air. Water from the humidifier can slowly evaporate out and maintain the humidity in the air. Check out the range of humidifier in store to choose the right one for you.