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The Physical Effects Of Expat Life

The Physical Effects Of Expat Life


Many people are fond of living abroad, which is spending the rest of their lives as expatriates. In search of better job opportunities or improved living conditions, people are usually attracted to expat life. But it is not always so easy to live and adapt to the conditions outside your native country. One may witness a lot of health and medical issues living abroad. This is basically due to the change in environment and weather conditions which makes it harder to adjust. A few physical effects can be seen below.

Cracked Skin Due To Dry Weather:

Once you leave your native country, it is not always necessary that the other country would be welcoming enough for you. Changes in the weather might make you sick. Dry weather results in less humid air. When there is no moisture in the air, it might result in cracked skin, which can cause itching and redness. It is always wise enough to prepare yourself with the upcoming consequences of the harsh weather conditions. One can make use of essential oil diffusers as well. They relieve our levels of stress, reduce pain and boost our energy.

Itchy Eyes:

The air in the environment is hard to bear and can result in itchy, red or swollen eyes. This moisture-free air feels like pin pricking into one’s eyes. When you do not feel well from inside, it is harder to work or indulge in any activity. You can use skincare creams and even certain eye drops in order to cure itchy eyes.

Respiratory Issues:

Ones who are going through asthma, humidifiers can be of great help and ease. Your nasal passage and throat are irritated, which can be soothed using a humidifier. Increased humidity may ease breathing in children and adults who are going through asthma and allergies, which arise from cold and dry weather. Dry sinuses are another health problem one faces due to dry weather. Clogged nasal passage and bloody noses are what one doesn’t want to face at all.  Other than this, we can make use of essential oil diffusers as well. Diffusing essential oils increase our resistance against cold and flu. Oils like Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Clove increase the stimulation of white blood cells, which increases our immunity. A diffuser helps these oils diffuse in the environment and kills bacteria. They also reduce inflammation of lungs. Also, these oils are good at relieving congestion.

Climate In Different Parts Of Australia

It should be kept in mind that different parts of Australia have a different climate. Perth is very dry in the summers while Brisbane is humid. On the other hand, Sydney and Melbourne are dry in the winter. So the weather and the season can affect you physically based on where you are living. If you want to optimize your living experience, you have to try and adapt to the conditions of the respective area as soon as possible.


We must appreciate how easy humidifiers have actually made our lives. It has helped the people living their expat lives, struggling from harsh and dry weather conditions. There a variety of humidifiers available, as per the needs of the consumers. Dry and cold weather is common in different parts of the world at one time or the other. So it is always a better choice to buy a humidifier in order to save you from respiratory issues and other skin problems.