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The Reality of Australia’s Dry Climate

The Reality of Australia’s Dry Climate

G’day Mate! Don’t let your guard down as the cold season is still in full effect. The combination of the winter’s dry air closed doors and windows, and turned-up thermostat can surely make your skin dry, develop congestion and sinusitis, and trigger other respiratory problems.

According to Pulmonologist, Katina Nicolacakis, MD, when the air is dry, your respiratory system is not happy. Even if you have no medical problems, you can still suffer. This has been a frequent issue that Aussies have to deal with in their life.

As a huge country, Australia has several climate zones. It is governed by the sinking and hot air from the subtropical high-pressure belt. This pressure easily moves north to south with the seasons. However, it is variable and recurrent droughts can last for many seasons.

The northern section of the country has more tropical influenced climate, hot and humid in the summer and quite dry and warm during the winter. On the other hand, the downunder is cooler with casual and mild summer, or sometimes rainy winter.

Summer in Australia is the best time to get outdoors and you have to prepare your trip effectively. There are many activities you can do - you can go shopping and also have an out of the town trip with your family. Perhaps, you’d like to also swim in Sydney’s beaches or hike in the Overland Track of Tasmania.

During the spring season, you can explore the wineries of the Margaret River region or watch the whales and wildflowers. The dry season let you enjoy the vibrant outdoor movies, markets, and festivals in Darwin, while the winter season, let you snow skiing in the Australian Alps or take a winter sun holiday.

If you are up for more adventures, then you can snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef or 4WD throughout the Simpson Desert of South Australia. All of that sounds really fun. Sadly, you’ll still have to deal with the same issue of dry indoor air when you get home and have a hard time sleeping.

Australia is one of the most affected of seasonal abnormality and can experience the extensive droughts as well as a considerable wet season as well.

Occasionally, a dust storm can easily cover the whole region and tornadoes is not something new anymore. Heat waves, tropical cyclones, frosts, and bushfires – can you imagine the frequent change of the weather? It can make you go crazy!

With that, the need for a home humidifier to provide a comfortable living environment that relives the drying effects of the cold air, ease the different symptoms of flu and any other respiratory illness have been highly recognized.  Maintaining a healthy level of moisture in the air is all you need.

Embracing the overall benefits of having a home humidifier in Australia is a great first step towards getting better sleep, improving the overall quality of indoor air to prevent nosebleeds, soothe dry lips and skin, alleviate snoring and protecting the health of your family.