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Tips on How to Maintain Wooden Floors

Tips on How to Maintain Wooden Floors

A guaranteed way to add comfort and value to our homes is to consider having wooden floors. It’s beautiful, clean and attractive. However, they require regular attention when it comes to maintenance and to keep them in their pristine condition. We know how complicated it can be, and so we’d like to share some great tips that ensure to keep your wooden floor look polished for years!

  1. Avoid Using Wet Mops

We’ve been used to in cleaning any surfaces with a wet mop as we believe that it can get rid of the dirt that has been stuck on the floor. However, it can be different on wooden floors. It is best to avoid using the wet mops and instead clean the surface regularly with a dust mop, soft broom, and vacuum.

  1. Use Proper Wood-Cleaning Products

Make sure to carefully check the products you’ll use when cleaning your wood floors. Common household items may be tempting at times because it is cheaper and easy to look for, but you don’t want to end up with unwanted results. That’s why you have to find the wood-cleaning products that are recommended and made for wood floors!

  1. No Tap Shoes and Stilettos Inside

Leaving your tap shoes and stilettos at the door is essential. This can help to avoid those in puncturing the wood and adding scratches to worry about it. As this is quite convincing, you may also enforce no-shoe policy inside to keep the whole house extra clean!

  1. Consider Fresh Topcoat

We all love a sun-kissed glow on our skin, but sadly, it’s not the same on our wooden floors. Make sure to inspect the floors and check everything for possible discoloration. It can be done at least a month or two, and if there’s any, then you may consider having a fresh topcoat to achieve the shiny wooden floor once again! It can be wax, oil or urethan depending on your preferences.

  1. Don’t Slide Your Furniture

If you are planning to redecorate the house, it’s a big no to slide your furniture while moving it. It’s best if you can call your friends or family members to help you in picking your furniture up and move it on your desired place without hurting your wooden floors!

  1. Invest in a Humidifier

Having a humidifier can greatly optimise the performance of your timber floors and other wooden furniture. Humidifiers prevent the squeaks and gaps caused by dry air from opening by maintaining a healthy indoor humidity level that is needed for the wooden flooring. It is not expensive and it protects your investment in your wood flooring while making sure that your home is more comfortable to live in.

Keeping your wooden floors nice and clean is not that hard. With the help of a few tips we’ve mentioned, you can already get started and be assured on the longer term result you need!