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Why Is My Skin So Dry?

Why Is My Skin So Dry?


Do you often experience dry skin in winter or dry summer? Do you feel that your skin is cracking and peeling off? You might be stressed why does this happen so often to your skin. We all are extremely sensitive about our skin and due to this; we are always finding accurate reasons for our problem. This is because we do not know what is happening. We are confused that is it because of some deficiency in our body or is it due to the rapid changes of weather. And most of the time, people come up to dermatologists with issues of having dry skin. Let's discuss some reasons for having dry skin.

Reasons for having dry skin:

Dermatologists always say that perfect skin is hydrated skin. You need to make sure that you keep it moisturized all the time, especially when you have dry weather at your end. Many people ask experts why they experience dry skin even if they keep it moisturized. Here are some reasons which these experts came up with:

  1. Over-cleansing your skin:

You must be washing your skin too often. This is the number one reason for having extremely dry skin. When we wash our skin with soap, cleaner or any liquid body wash, again and again, we wash away the natural moisturizer and oil from our skin. This leads to making our skin super crackly and dry.

  1. You are using really hot water:

We all love taking long hot showers but we do not realize that washing our skin in hot water for too long washes away the oil from the skin. There is a little amount of essential oil on our skin which helps it to keep moisturized. If we take long hot showers we are forcefully removing the essential oil and leave it to become dry.

  1. Too much of exfoliating the skin:

You might use some beauty hacks and products to exfoliate the dead skin from your body. Too much exfoliation, especially regularly would make your skin hard and dry. Experts recommend exfoliating your body only twice a week, which is more than enough. 

  1. You are using a beauty product which is disturbing the skin's natural pH:

Some of the facial cleaners or makeup removing cleaners remove the skin's essential oil. You disturb the skin's pH by rubbing these products on your skin. This might make your skin hard and rough. You need to make sure that you always purchase those products which are pH balanced.

  1. You are not drinking enough water:

We all know this very well that water is the most essential element which beautifies our skin. Many of us unintentionally forget to drink enough water throughout the day. Water makes our skin moisturized and glowing. We do not need any other remedies to keep our skin hydrated if we are drinking enough water.

  1. Medicines Can Cause Dry Skin

Have you ever felt your skin go dry after you consume medicine? Certain medicines can affect your skin. These medicines can be related to anything however when these medicines kill certain chemicals from our bodies then our skin goes dry.

  1. Your Diet Can Make Your Skin Go Dry

You might not even realize this but what you eat can have a massive effect on your skin. If you are continuously suffering from dry skin then this can be a sign of deficiency of omega 3 fats from your body. Try to consume food items that are high in Omega 3 so that your dry skin can be cured. Salmon and walnuts are two common examples of food items that are high in omega 3 concentration.

You need to use some essential oils and rich moisturizers after every bath so that you keep your skin soft and hydrated all the time.